I was confused about peace

For most of my life, I have understood that peace means no wars, violence, crime, and other things of this nature. While these show the absence of peace, this is not the whole story. I have been on a journey of sorts to understand my role in all of this. What I have found out is quite surprising.

There are peace ideas regarding the macro (nations) and the micro (individuals). On the macro-level, a better definition of the word peace has come to me from the Institute for Economics and Peace when they make the distinction between the negative and the positive measures of peace in their “Positive Peace Report 2020.” On page 2 they state,

“Therefore, Positive Peace can be seen as creating an optimal environment
in which human potential can flourish. Understanding what creates sustainable
peace cannot be found in the study of violence alone.”

They go on to talk about topics such as Well Functioning Governments, Low Levels of Corruption, and Equitable Distribution of Resources. Their eight pillars of Positive Peace seem out of reach for most of us – they’re too big, too far away, or too difficult. Peace seems impossible.

On the micro-level, however, peace is found in connections, purpose, empathy, contentment, gratitude, and compassion. Each of these plays a part in our own personal and interpersonal levels of peace. This seems to be easier for us to press into. They’re not too big, too far away, or too difficult. Peace seems possible.

Each of us plays a small part in peace at the macro-level. But each of us plays the whole part in peace at the micro-level. It is here at the micro-level that I find myself as a peacemaker. This is where I am no longer confused about peace or my role in achieving it.

I am inviting you to join me in this effort by attending the 4th Annual Pursuing Peace Conference on September 17, 2021. In-person or online.

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